Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My other stitchy habit

In addition to certain embroidery habits that shall remain nameless, I also make and wear costumes.  My current favorite is Steampunk, but I have been seen in Belle Epoch, Victorian(ish), Renaissance/RenFair, and Original Character.  I am a not-paid-up-member of DFWCG (Dallas-Ft. Worth Costumers Guild).  A week or so ago, a group of us met up at the Lewesville Studio Movie Grill to see Sherlock Holmes.  Most of us did Steampunk.  Here is what I wore:

SkyPirate! Minerva
 Please to be noting, I didn't actually make any of those clothing bits.  All out of my closet.  It's less stressful that way.  But I promise, I do sew my own stuff, too.  :)

There's a dfwcg flickr stream here if you'd like to see more talented people than I playing dress-up.

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