Wednesday, February 08, 2012

It's helpul when my brain works

I figured out today that the DFWCG Steampunk Tea is actually after All-Con, as opposed to the previously held belief that it is before.

That sound you hear?  That's the grinding of costuming gears as they make the abrupt and slightly painful change from Tea to Apocalypse.  I now have to get serious about Minerva's new outfit and accoutrecrap.

To Do:
- Order pattern for outfit
- Acquire fabric for outfit
- Make outfit
- Draft pattern for yardstick/ruler/quiver thingy
- Find pattern for pencil/bracer thingy (I think it's in storage)
- Make thingies
- Find and/or acquire doohickeys to live in/on the thingies

And then I have to figure out what I'm wearing the rest of the con.

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