Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TUSAL and WIP Report

It's the first TUSAL report of 2012!  Not a lot so far, but I've not been stitching much. 
TUSAL - January 2012
Mostly reds and pinks from my Needlepoint project.

And now for the WIPs which contributed to the ORT jar:

Shenandoah Spring by DebBee's Designs - Red Colorway
I confess, when I first saw this pattern in the blue/green colorway I did not care for it (and I am so very much a blue/green person).  I think maybe because with the teal-ish canvas I couldn't see the stitches very well--it all kind of blended together.  But when I saw the red colorway at my LNS I was all over it.  The contrasting canvas makes the stitches pop (at least to my eyes).  This is my first "real" needlework project and I was a bit intimidated by it at first.  Her instructions are really easy to follow, though.  I'm enjoying it immensely despite the monotony of the current stitch.  There are 4 rows of that pink stitch all the way around the center square.  I will be a Laying Queen by the time I'm finished with it.  :)

Cross Stitch Clock - The World of Cross Stitching #177
2 over 2 on white 28ct evenweave
I started this one last year, got a little way in and then put it down.  I'm not sure why because it's a really pretty design--bright and happy!  I guess I was waiting for the dreary days to return or something.  Now I'm really digging it again.  Because it's bright and happy!

Spring Alphabet - Lizzie*Kate
2 over 1 on 16ct oatmeal Aida
After the fiasco with the Winter Alphabet, I decided to move on to the next season.  Again, bright and happy, yay!  I don't think I've made any color changes this time.  This is my Ghost Adventures stitch project.  The Friday night marathon is long enough that I can get 3-4 letters done. 

 And here is my first finish of the year.  This is from a British cross stitch magazine, but I forgot to write down which one and which issue (and it's at home).  Sometime this week I need to put it in it's frame so I can bring it up to work for February.


Ziggyeor said...

cute finish. I like your Sprint Alphabet. The clock and your Shenandoah Spring are coming along nicely.
Good job on the orts.

Ashni said...

Thanks! It's funny how satisfying it is to see those bits of thread accumulating in the jar. :)